Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quite A Character

Grace's husband.....

Calm, steady, quiet, and brilliant. He can travel the Appalachians on foot. He can probably survive in the woods with nothing but a stick and his smarts.

He fixes problems with few words, has a ready smile, and a firm handshake.

One always felt safe around Grace's husband. One always felt encouraged by his genuine interest in how you were doing and what you were doing.

But...I always thought him surprisingly contradictory.....

He went to work in a suit and tie. He made sure all activities were safe. He cautioned you on making the right decisions. He advised with wisdom and an unassuming tone.

And yet, he came to the Halloween party as a flasher. I can see him in my mind, clear as if it was today. A trench coat over shorts that bore a sign that said "Boo!" in orange letters.

What an interesting and fearless person.


The strength of his character shows a will I admire and try to practice....every day of my life.

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