Friday, May 24, 2013

Planner Extraordinaires

I got to hand it to those ladies....each time they planned, they got better.

In May the church parking lot transformed into rows of simple small town fun and thrills. Big Idea #5 was quite impressive for a fundraiser.

Mom, Grace, and Jo cajoled the men (mostly Noah) into building booths. Within these booths were various games, items for sale, and eats.

Probably the best one was the dunking booth. I have to admit it was quite thrilling to watch a fully clothed, grown man go plummeting into a tank of water. Howling and laughing, the volunteer caused a ruckus and raised money for our church. The line was always long. But I never stood in it....

I liked the Duck Pond. While Ernie sang "Rubber Ducky", I could take my little net and scoop out a yellow, blue, or pink duck from the baby pool. A number was printed on the bottom. This number corresponded with a prize.

Such a nice and wonderful idea. You were always guaranteed to win. For someone who usually lost -- or felt like she usually lost -- this booth made my year. It was safe. And fun.

And guess whose idea this booth was? Grace's. Isn't that something?

But, she didn't run it. Oh, no. Those gals were way too smart for that. They pointed and directed while the men lifted and carried.

It was Grace's husband who manned the Duck Pond....

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