Sunday, August 14, 2011


From where she sprang, I do not know, but she had to come from The Glass Is Half-full Chantilly Lace And A Pretty Face Dance Like No One Is Watching It Doesn’t Matter If People Know What Color Your Underwear Is, Texas.

She’s always got her hair let down and a deck of cards ready to go. She can cook as well as her mother and has a smile that melted her father’s heart.

She married her high-school sweetheart…he didn’t stand a chance, and raised two boys who fancied themselves members of the Galactic Alliance.

I’ve seen her do the “Roam Around”, learned several things about the birds and the bees from her jokes, and found out she is the only living person who got my mother to say “fart” spontaneously.

She is unsinkable like Molly, uninhibited like Gypsy Rose, prissy like Mary Poppins, precocious like Shirley, and giving like Melanie Hamilton.

She is the glue that holds my dad’s family together. She is the noise when the silence must be broken. She is the smoother of ruffled feathers, the champion of spades, hearts, and pinochle and second only to Grandma in Scrabble.

She is my aunt. The youngest of four, her older siblings all boys, she cracks a whip that bites with humor and kindness and I have craved her company all of my life.

Laughter is the best medicine. Anyone who says differently needs to know my aunt. No one leaves her without feeling fine and glad to be alive.

So, I shall call her Evaline, an English name meaning “life”, for a woman who is an inspiration to all who spend their lives too much in their own head.

Thank you, God, for creating her. You not only broke the mold when you did, but whatever cooks the mold probably broke, too!

Hug, hug, kiss, kiss, Aunt Evaline!

Monday, August 1, 2011

May The Force Be With You

While we’re on the subject of Lou, I should introduce the rest of his family.

Lou and my dad have been friends since the first grade. He married my dad’s sister and had two sons…some of my most favorite people.

I loved, loved, loved my cousins! They were my heros!

The oldest was sweet and calm, protective and understanding. He reminds me of Luke Skywalker, all charm and kindness with the ability to take on the bad guy.

The youngest was outrageous and energetic, bold and sarcastic. He reminds me of Han Solo, willing to be a hero as long as he can break the rules while he’s saving you.

Luke and Han were my role models at the very early age of 6. I wanted nothing more than to do everything they did. (I taught them patience, I think.)

Spending time with Luke and Han was a treat and something I frequently begged for. (I don’t think they were always very flattered.)

But, they loved me and we are still pretty close even today. Luke and Han…those are really great names for them. (Tee hee!)

Oh, yeah, and they have a mom. Well, of course they have a mom! She is my dad’s sister and my aunt.


There is no way I can write about her today. She needs a whole entry all to her pretty, crazy self! Stay tuned!