Sunday, January 25, 2015

Big Idea #7

"Dear God, please stop my mother. She is now making me perform in a recital while wearing a dress. A pink dress, Lord. Can you see how devastating this is? I shall surely perish, and it won't even be a romantic or dramatic death. The piano will swallow me, Lord. Right when I'm on stage. So, please, please, please stop my mother."

After this prayer was when I realized that sometimes God answers with the word, "No."

I ended up learning a song. I can't remember what it was called. Who would? It sure wasn't Lookin' For Love or the theme song from The Dukes of Hazzard.

I played well. No problems. And I managed to live through the embarrassment of being a redhead wearing pink. However, this torture was another strike against learning how to play. When would I ever need to know how? Never.

However, little did I know, it was the first time I would ever be on stage with a certain someone. I didn't know we'd been in the same recital until I was a senior in high school and starting to scrapbook. I came across a picture and was astounded when I saw this person standing next to me.

This person was very special to me when I was older. And my mom managed to get me close to him or her. How'd she know?

Of course.....this is Big Idea #7. So....I'm not surprised it would end up being important.

Now, if you can guess who this special person was, comment below, and I'll send you something in the mail. Happy thinking!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Piano Recital

I am still taking piano.

Hopefully, you are surprised. Hopefully, you are wondering why in the world I haven't been able to worm my way out of it. Hopefully, you are NOT assuming that I somehow managed to start liking it.

Well, there are more ways than one to skin that sucker. And, what I figured out was I could fake practicing. Yeah, that's what I did. I could play a bunch of chords, and my mom would come in and tell me how great I was doing.

I had discovered a new talent. And I embraced it like an Aggie embraces the word "Howdy" into their vocabulary.

This lovely solution cut my practice time to 15 minutes! Was I smart or what? YEEHAW!

It was all going so well. Until......

"Kara, we're putting a piano recital together. You're going to play in front of a bunch of people! On stage!"

I look at her excited face and think, "Oh, #@!?"