Saturday, June 8, 2013


Through Kindergarten and First grade, I spent recess in the following ways:

1) Cajoling kids into games of tag.
2) Cajoling kids into games of kickball or dodge ball.
3) Climbing on the varieties of playground equipment. Alone.
4) Defending people from "The Bully" that kicked my sister.
5) Forcing myself to play those hand games with the girls. You remember....."Apples on a stick, they make me sick, they make my stomach go two forty six...."

I distinctly remember the day when I ran over to the balance beams. Ponytail Girl was on one doing back walk-overs. I asked her if she wanted to play. She put her nose in the air and completed a perfect cart wheel. I took that as a no.

It wasn't easy trying to get kids to play with you. Recess during these two years wasn't always fun, though it still was my favorite part of school.

Second grade was different. You might recall my earlier post about the new redheaded girl, Jennifer. She made second grade very bearable. She didn't always want to play tag or kickball, but because she was loyal to me, I forced myself to do "girl" things.

When the summer came, she gave me her phone number. We had plans for slumber parties and swimming.

I almost looked forward to third grade....

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