Saturday, April 6, 2013


I stretch. I yawn. I scratch my head and then jump out of bed. It's Saturday.

I get dressed and brush my teeth as fast as I can. I do NOT brush my hair. Who has time for that?

After I scarf down my cereal, I rush outside, my heart pounding in anticipation.

I race down the front walk as fast as Speedy Gonzalez, but come to a grinding halt at the end of my driveway. I stare straight ahead of me, my eyes wide, my mouth wreathed in a cheek-breaking smile. Even though I knew it would be there, I'm still amazed.

A field of yellow flowers waves in the morning wind before me. The lot across from my house has turned into Heaven as Spring has sprung.

They are Dandelions. Otherwise known as Wishing Flowers. Isn't that fabulous? I live right across from a field of Wishing Flowers. God must REALLY love me.

I sit down at the end of my driveway and take in their beauty. And my good fortune.

I sit for more than hour, soaking up as much of their happiness as I can.

But...I am also waiting...

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