Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Fever!

Spring time in my town brings lots more than wishing flowers. Let's see....lightning bugs, love bugs, cool evenings that are perfect for playing kickball, strawberries, ice cream, and cowboys.

My town has a rodeo. This is a competition where men do a bunch of different activities with livestock. Such as ropin' calves, wrestlin' steers, and ridin' bulls.

It was held near the bus barn. No, we don't store our school buses in an actual barn. That's just what we call the big parking lot where all the buses go to sleep at night.

At this point in my life I don't much care for cowboys. I care for the bright lights of the carnival.

This is not a competition, but an obstacle course of sorts. The game was to ride as many rides as possible before your parents decide they are tired and need to go home.

I start with the carousel, then move on to the sack slides. There was the train, and the mini-roller coaster. And a whirly gig kind of thing that turns you upside down. The only break I took was to sit down and watch the pig races.

I save the ferris wheel for last -- always.

Usually, I win this game because let me tell you -- I am fast.

The only feat I never succeeded in was getting cotton candy. My parents were dead set against me enjoying the spun sugar treat. Guess I didn't need any more fuel than my normal rarin' to go attitude.

I consoled myself with more than one ride on the ferris wheel.

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