Wednesday, January 9, 2013


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Day: Friday
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Channel: 11
Kara: rear in front of television
Jack: rear also in front of television

The Dukes. Had to love 'em. I wanted to drive that car and fly on my own.

I used to try to get my mother to do a General Lee jump. There was this big hump over by the movie theater. I'd holler at her, "Step on the gas, Ma!"

No such luck. I'm sure you aren't surprised.

Bo Duke was my first major crush. Boy howdy was he a looker. Maria liked Luke...weird child. Jack liked Daisy and eventually, when all us girls started wearing Daisy Dukes, he had a nick name for each one of us. I was Daisy, Maria was Daisy Dukey, and Roxi was Dukey Daisy.

Bill had all the cars. He loved those cars so much, Mom had to carry an extra set in her purse. He'd play with them at church. (Let's not discuss how often I tried to play with him and got into trouble for it.)

Yep, I was influenced. I decided then that the best lookin' guys were the ones with mischievous grins and come hither looks in their eyes.


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