Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Activity

I rose at 7:00 every morning during the summer, and by 7:15 I had eaten and was heading down to Miss Holly's to see if her boys wanted to play.

I think I always woke her up...and the boys. Even though she stood there in her robe, with groggy eyes, I still asked, "Can the boys come out and play?"

Sometimes they were ready to go, but sometimes I had to wait. I would occupy my time by playing in the lot across the street. There were no houses on the opposite side of the street, which created a HUGE playground for all sorts of things.

The boys down the street, one was my age and the other was around Maria's age, helped cook up a bunch of great activities. They liked Star Trek, so I'm gonna call the older one Captain Kirk, and the younger one, Scotty.

Once Kirk and Scotty came outside, there was the world of kickball, Hide-and-Seek, Ghost-in-the-Graveyard, dodge-ball, four square, and hopscotch. Maria played with us because I made her do so. You can't really play these games with only three people.

We even turned the vacant lot into a series of underground tunnels...which would eventually be used to cover us during World War III. (That is for a later post.)

This is what I was meant for...gettin' dirty, organizing games, and livin' life.

Of course, my mother decided to infiltrate summertime with Music and Arts Week.


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You're so funny