Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Big Idea

So, Mom, Jo, and Grace did not stop creating after starting the nursery. Oh no, nothing could stop them now.

Their next big idea was a little thing called "Music and Arts Week". I am certain it was mostly Jo's idea, but Mom and Grace jumped on the creative, "be involved" bandwagon without hesitation.

It took place during the summer.......kill me now.

"Kara," says Mom, "there will be no whining. You are going to enjoy this and put a smile on your face, or there will be no outside when we get home."

This was an effective threat for me, so I pasted a big smile on my face and pretended the crafts, the music, and the "togetherness" were wonderful.

Jo was in charge of the lessons, and Mom was in charge of the music. We would rotate between different activities, making things for the big concert at the end of the week.

Our first program was called "100% Chance of Rain" and by the end of the third day, I was starting to genuinely enjoy myself. The music was awesome.

When we practiced for the concert, we did so on wood risers. I wore sandals so I could tap my feet to the music. The clacking sound echoed through the hall, and everyone could hear me keeping time to the song. I was quite pleased with the effect.

I also was chosen to play the xylophone for one of the songs. I felt pretty important, let me tell you.

With a theme like "100% Chance of Rain", you have probably guessed we were learning about Noah and the Ark. Part of our week was spent making costumes of various animals out of poster board, grocery sacks, and construction paper. We each got a partner and during the concert, processed down the aisle "Two by Two".

I was a turtle. I think Maria was a raccoon. I can't remember what Alex, Blossom, Georgie, and Jack were. Phillip and Roxi were rain drops. They were too young to be in the entire concert. So were Lela, Wendy, and Bill.

All in all, the week was a big success. By the end of it all, I thought this "big idea" was a pretty smart one. However, there was one unfortunate moment...

Mom made me wear tennis shoes during the concert.

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