Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Typical Day

Kara needs a kick ball. She can’t find it. Oh, yeah! She kicked it over the fence. She dashes over to the neighbors and collects her beloved red ball and now sets out to put together her dream team.

Maria is collecting the Childcraft Encyclopedia books, getting ready to play school. Hmm, today they will work on animals, she thinks. Two desks are set up in her room and now all she needs are students.

Wendy has piled every doll she owns onto her bed. She is singing to them and loving on them and hoping someday they will come alive and call her Mommy.

Bill is sitting in the living room, watching his mother fold the laundry as he bangs two Hot Wheels cars together. His dimpled smile shows how happy he is to be playing.

Jack is in the garage, looking for nails. He is going to nail boards to the tree for the steps to his tree house. Soon, there will be carpet put in and a cooler up there for snacks. Everyone will be welcome, except for the girls, of course.

Roxi is pulling a dress out of her dress-up trunk. She puts it on, along with a hat, and high heels and admires her gorgeous reflection. Already her style and taste are beyond her years.

Lela is pulling out her plastic kitchen supplies, preparing to cook a meal for anyone with enough imagination for pretend spaghetti. Her little kitchen is correctly appointed with all the necessary supplies and now all she needs are customers.

Georgie runs in from the living room and announces to his mother that he needs pipe cleaner, a paper plate, a rubber band, and green paint. As Grace scrambles to provide, he dashes outside to continue digging his hole that will eventually reach China.

Phillip has piled up all the leaves in his backyard. It is the perfect amount to provide a soft landing and to completely hide him…should the need arise. He’d like to see China, but Georgie can do the digging.

Alex is wearing her sequins and white gloves and is in the correct pose. The Flashdance album blasts her with, “Oh, What A Feeling”, and she busts into her newly choreographed number.

Blossom is in her room, ignoring the music and lining up her pretty ponies. All the colors of the rainbow, she gets out a brush and begins to comb through their manes, humming to herself. But, not humming, “Oh, What A Feeling”.

Now, imagine all of us in the same room…

As Jo would say, “They’re all geniuses and Pablo Picassos!”. Grace just laughs and shakes her head, and Mom hopes we don’t kill each other.

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kristen said...

I think this one is the start of a novel.