Friday, July 8, 2011

Look Out, Boys!

Two girls were introduced into our mix. They enjoyed various types of dance, so they fit right in.

And now, we really outnumbered the boys!

The oldest was my age and we became quick friends. She became friends with Jack, too, and was often the tie breaker in our schemes.

The youngest was in between Maria and Roxi and had every My Little Pony a girl could wish for.

Our circle was getting bigger and bigger was better in my mind. They had great ideas for plays and recitals, and didn’t mind playing Hide-and-Seek, so when Maria got bored we didn’t have to stop because of the low number of hiders.

They went to our church, too. Everything always seemed to center around church.

The oldest loved the album “Flashdance” as well as the movie. We danced to that album I don’t know how many times. (I never saw the movie until I was older, though. My mom wouldn’t let me watch it.)

I am going to call her Alex after the girl from that movie. Her younger sister, I am going to call Blossom, on account of all the ponies she had.

They were, and are beautiful girls. Witty, lively, and VERY smart, we ruled the boys!

And that was awesome!

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