Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Kidnapping!

It is a day like any other.

M’Lynn (I have decided to call my mother this and my dad will be Drummond), Grace, and Jo get ready for the day. Their children are dressed and relatively clean. The car is packed.

And by 8:30 a.m., they are off to take their children to Mother’s-Day-Out. Another lovely program they helped start at our church. Only they usually couldn’t take advantage of its true purpose because they worked Mother’s-Day-Out.

But, not on this day. This day they were going to take some time to themselves.

Jo didn’t know that, though. She wasn’t aware a day of fun had been planned for her until M’Lynn and Grace came to her room and took her away.

Baby Shower Napped!

Jo was pregnant with her third child and the joyous upcoming event must be celebrated!

I have no idea where they went or what they did. But, they had fun!

I’m sure there was talking…laughing…shopping…eating…chocolate…carrot cake…tea…ice cream…pie…diet coke…chocolate…and dessert.

They took a day to themselves to celebrate the soon-to-be new arrival, to remember what it was like to walk into a store and not have to say, “Be still!”, “Don’t touch that!”, “No, I don’t have any snacks.”, etc.

I’m sure it was lovely to be able to open presents without little hands grabbing at the paper, and saying, “Mine, mine, mine!”.

Oh, what a day it was! Relaxation, rest, peace…


They returned and learned that Roxi had climbed a shelf and fallen down, knocking her two front teeth out and now her face was black and blue from the nose down.

Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

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