Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dark Day Continues

School did not get better for me. No matter how hard my mom and dad tried, no matter how many stickers, or check marks, or pieces of candy my teacher gave me, no one could prove its relevance.

I did not understand the worth of school, nor could I conceive of a time when I wouldn’t want to slide, swing, or play dodge ball.

A job? What would I need that for?

But, there was one good thing about Kindergarten…


And my favorite was the sandbox.

Yes, the school had a sandbox INSIDE. How awesome is that???? I found this to be very ingenious and proof that maybe my teacher wasn’t an idiot after all.

However, there were days when someone would beat me to the sandbox. (Only two people allowed at a time.)

So, I would console myself with the blocks, or with the small chalkboards.

One day I got stuck in the kitchen center with the other girls. I had to play dolls, and wash dishes, and eat pretend food. It was a horrible day.

There was another good thing about Kindergarten…

Dwayne Hart. He was pretty cute. And he had to be because look at what his last name was!

He knew I liked him and while that was true, I knew nothing beyond that I thought he was cute. What does one do after that?

So, his last name and good looks didn’t wash away any of the horrors of school. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that cute.

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