Monday, July 29, 2013

The Armpit Continues to Sweat

After Cheerios and swimming lessons, we had lunch. Granddad would come home from the store and eat with us. We would sit at the table while he came around and kissed the top of our heads. He must've liked his job because he never seemed irritated with it.

How could you be irritated when you served ice cream? Correction...Blue Bell ice cream.

After lunch, we'd take a nap.

As you read this, I am raising one eyebrow communicating the following: Not gonna happen.

But, I didn't argue. I dutifully followed my sisters and brother to our beds. I laid down for around ten minutes. It was all I could take.

I would give my hair a good shake, messing it up as much as possible. I would walk into the kitchen and in my sleepiest voice say, "I slept."

She would always give a great sigh and then say, "Alright, Kara. Go watch TV."

At this point, I would skip over the divan, plop down, and turn on Nickelodeon. I watched Pinwheel and You Can't Do That On Television while Maria, Wendy, and Bill slept.

I don't know if they were ever irritated that I got out of taking naps. My thought was, if you didn't want to sleep, you too could mess up your hair and fool your grandmother.

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kristen said...

I don't remember that you ever did that!