Sunday, October 28, 2012

Big Idea Number Three

So far my mother is 1 for 2. Music and Arts Week was a definite master stroke of genius. The nursery...not so much.

When "Big Idea Number Three" came along, I was skeptical and on my guard. I had several arguments ready against my involvement in this thing called the "Church Bazaar".

I was anxious it was accurately described by its title. Imagine my relief when I found out I didn't have to do anything for it.

Mom, Grace, and Jo -- and a few other ladies, poor girls -- embarked upon a journey involving glue guns, thread, fake flowers, and ric rac. They made several lovely pieces of art with these materials and others.

Their intent, of course, was to sell them and raise funds for the church.

I'm not sure how well they did. I do remember Maria getting squirted on with hot glue -- not by me. (It looked like hot mayonnaise.)

I remember running around the parish hall while the mothers peddled their wares. I also remember, upon completion of said Bazaar, finding several of their creations around the house as decorations.

It seemed they had bought each others stuff. How nice, I thought.

Perhaps Number Three needed some work....

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