Sunday, June 3, 2012

It Continues

First grade is coming to an end, but school is not over. Oh, no. There is a second grade, and there is no reason to be excited about being promoted. I have no illusions this grade will afford me anything to look forward to.

There will be more work, more monotonous, mind-numbing work. I will have to walk in a line. I will have to be quiet. I will have to listen to the relentless droning of an adult who squeals, "Oh, look everyone! Suzy Q has discovered the letter A!"

We must all ooo and ahhh over Suzy. Every accomplishment will be celebrated no matter how irrelevant it is. The letter A? Really?

I just knocked a boy out of Crazy Dodgeball, and she wants to celebrate the letter A. What is the world coming to? I learned letters from Sesame Street. Now, let's get into the stuff that matters...stomping the boys out.

But, they aren't interested in female dominance. They think stickers are fabulous. "Here! Scratch-N-Sniff!" they cry with enough enthusiasm to turn Amelia Earhart's hair white...wherever she is. God bless her.

So, I continue second grade. My infamous rebellion against turning in homework did not inspire anyone to expel me.

Thankfully, there is summer first. With the beach...and the boys.

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Anonymous said...

I love this one!!!!! You have such a great "voice" when talking about your early school career.