Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dutiful Catholics

Oh, wouldn't it be great if there was a nursery at church? Parents could actually listen to the homily instead of whispering in a fierce, yet God-like tone, "Get off the floor." "Stop jumping." "Don't turn around." "Be quiet."

Parents could sing without having to keep tiny hands off the pages of the hymnal for fear of that sickening sound echoing high into the rafters....Rip!

Oh, how wonderful that would be!

And, even better, it could be open on Thursday evenings during choir practice. More adults would join the choir and wouldn't have to pay for a babysitter! Grace and Jo would trade off watching the lovely children and...another brilliant idea...we could teach them about their Catholic faith through song and dance and coloring!

Such dutiful Catholics...

So, it was all wrecked. Everything. Ruined.

No more bowling alley. No more balance beam. No more sliding down the stairs with the couch cushion.

No more...

Why, oh, why does my mother have to always get involved?

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