Friday, April 22, 2011

Shattered Hopes

You won’t believe it…

The confinement, the irrelevant activities, the asinine pay (Stickers? Really?), the mind-numbing speeches, and the out-and-out horror that was Kindergarten, couldn’t keep me from being…


Yes, me! I am in FIRST grade now! I am six! Look out world, things are about to get exciting!

So, here I come, flitting into my new first grade class, with my new first grade teacher, in a brand-spankin’ new school, and guess what???

Being six, apparently, doesn’t mean that school is any better, or any different. It was the same mind-numbing experience.

I was appalled!

I mean, I have a baby brother now. I change his diapers. I get him up in the morning. I give him his bottle. I am being a mom.

Obviously, I already know everything if I can take care of Bill! Why couldn’t these teachers see that?

Why did I have to practice putting away my coat and my lunch box, when I knew how to diaper an infant without getting peed on?

I mean, come on! Wake up and smell the coffee, lady! I am not some idiot! I already know how to do the hardest job on earth!

One hundred and seventy seven days…

God save me now…

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kristen said...

This is perfect. I love this look into your 6-year-old thoughts.