Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Friends

I was not a shy child. Maria definitely was. Wendy definitely WAS NOT.

We complimented each other rather well and have made some lifelong friends because of our compliments. The three of us had a little bit of everything.

When we met our friends for the first time, Wendy was still cooing from her baby seat. She got passed around between Jo, Grace, and my mother. But she certainly watched us whenever we ran into her line of sight.

There were four new friends for us…three boys and one girl. With Wendy in the mix, we outnumbered the boys…thank God! Of course, Wendy wasn’t big enough to help out, yet, but we girls did pretty good.

Whatever the girls wanted to play was what the boys played. And even if the boys tried to make a stand and play without us, they almost always tried to mess up what we were playing. (Which meant they really couldn’t bear to play without us.)

It was cute when the boys tried to stand up to us, but eventually, they would always…

Rock Around The Clock!

(He, he, he.)

Stay tuned for their names…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you're so funny! you know they'd rather play with y'all (us) anyway. we're too cute to pass by!!