Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh, The Horror!

Maria calls it murder.

I call it...the incident...

Scissors are an amazing tool. You can take something larger and make it smaller in one slice. So, one piece of paper can become two…and then three.
You can also cut out the pictures you draw. Hearts, flowers, shapes…

It was astounding.

While cutting out pictures and cutting paper in half required skill, I decided I needed a much bigger challenge. Anyone can cut paper, you know.

As I stood at the desk, the sun streaming down onto my beautifully cropped pictures, I turned and saw Maria standing at the china hutch. She was still in her pajamas.

Her pajamas were really quite pretty. The gown was white, with pink flowers and there was a pink ribbon tied around her waist. But one side was rather long. It was so long, in fact, that it was trailing the ground. Hmmm…

Maria had her back to me, and I, impressed with my abilities, and looking to expand my talents, walked up behind her and…cut her ribbon in half.

She turned around and was quite shocked to see half of her ribbon lying on the ground.

“Kara,” she exclaims, “why did you cut my ribbon?!”

I didn’t answer her question, instead asking my own. “Let me see your blanket.”


“Just let me see it.”

(Remember, I am a genius. Everything I did was awesome.)

So, the innocent that she was, she hands it over. I, without an ounce of guilt, cut her blanket in half.

Her scream rips through the quiet of the early morning. I killed her blanket, she cries!

I look at her like she’s an idiot because…blankets aren’t alive.


Jean said...

Ahh . . . scissors are special tools. Hannah chopped Bekah's hair to the scalp in various places one curl at a time! Hannah was happpy because she made Bekah "beautiful." Bekah was happy because Hannah was happy. I cried.

Trish said...

I did not know you had such a mean streak in you. Poor Maria.....

Kendra said...

Thank you, Kara, for making me laugh today.